Mini retreat themes: winter/spring of 2021: 

  • Dinacharya: Daily practices to calm your nervous system, enhance your immunity and balance your hormones. Getting started; January 16, 2021
    *Suggested to buy supplies before this workshop (not included) supply list and distributors will be sent after registration.
  • Sleeping like a Goddess: How and why; Restoratives; Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) January 30
  • Making friends with food: Ayurvedic food practices & principles Feb 13
  • The power in your breath & restorative practice Feb 20
  • Meditate with flowing mudras March 6
  • Yoga for loving your breasts & belly March 20
  • Love your hormones & balance them! April 10
  • Love your pelvis &“vajayjay;”Practices to strengthen & tone your pelvic floor April 24h
  • The Goddess in you; Finding your voice; Making powerful choices.Inner reflection practices using Goddess archetypes & mudras; Develop & work with your intention May 8th

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