Love your Pelvis

Loving your pelvis means allowing your core energy to flow freely. Awaken your feminine essence and learn practices that increase your vital energy. Reintegrate your pelvis, pelvic organs, and pelvic floor in a way that heals and protects via yoga practices; postures, breathing, meditations, visualizations, mudra, mantras, and sounds. In a nurturing environment, you’ll spend some time journaling and discerning what simple daily practices will work best for you.

  This workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to learn positive and amazing things about your pelvis and boost your pelvic health
  • Want to understand the relationship between your hormones and stress levels, and how they all work together to make you feel either energized or fatigued
  •  Want to learn how to prevent and emend pelvic floor tension, pain, weakness, incontinence, and begin restorative practices
  • Feel disconnected from your sensuality and/want to understand and accept your womanly body, more deeply
  • Have fun, relax, restore, heal, work, play and learn in a safe, restorative atmosphere.
Inner Listening Oil on canvas by Abigail Boehm

I’m super excited to share this yoga Interval. We’ll move, rest, learn, listen and become inner explorers. How is our embodiment influenced by the over culture? Can we find a gentle inner voice that leads us to a more tender place that contains potential for healing and digesting our experience? This workshop is imbued with my life’s work, along with my personal experience as woman, midwife, yoga practitioner, scholar, partner and mother. 

Namaste, Abigail

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