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Yoga Alliance Registered Prenatal School.
Prenatal classes are offered in continuing 10 week series 

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Prenatal Classes combine lots of different forms of yoga:

  • Yoga postures and movement
  • Breath work
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Visualization
  • Sound
  • Partnered Yoga
  • Mudra Mediated Meditation


Imagine entering the birthing process with a set of powerful techniques that give you a new found freedom to transform the experience of labor and child birth by tuning into and accessing your body’s innate wisdom. These techniques are based on ancient teachings and modern scientific practices that support the psychology and physiology of the birthing process. By preparing for the birth of your baby with yoga, you will:

  • Become an empowered part of the process
  • Reduce the discomfort
  • Tap into your bodies innate wisdom effortlessly and instinctively during the birth process
  • Learn how to breath and move to aid the birth process
  • Increase your awareness of where, when and how you hold tension in the body
  • Learn to release tension and increase your ability to relax deeply
  • Learn how to access and maintain the “relaxation response” through multiple channels

No Experience is Needed

Abigail can work with you whether you are an experienced yoga student or totally new to yoga. Prenatal yoga does not require any special training, flexibility, strength or skill. We work with each individual at her own pace. The series is open to all stages of pregnancy.

Additional Benefits

Prenatal yoga strengthens and tones muscles that are stressed by the physiologic changes of pregnancy. It targets muscle groups specific to the childbearing process, teaching you to relax and work with your body. You will experience and get comfortable with positions that will ease your labor and help you work with gravity. Pregnancy discomforts such as nausea, low back aches, constipation and swelling will lessen. Your sleep patterns will improve and general feelings of well-being will increase.


Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual awakening, Abigail uncovers the beauty in each individual’s process for health and happiness.  She is playful yet informative and gentle yet supportive.  I found Abigail during my pregnancy and just having moved to the area.  I sought a teacher with a solid foundation that could offer a quiet, safe and supportive space for me to learn each week.  Abigail helped me connect with my baby and has since lead me in postnatal recovery.  This in turn, flows through my everyday happiness in the love of learning with myself, my family and relationships, nature and beyond. AR 

I loved participating in Abigail’s prenatal yoga class!  Abigail is great at adjusting the poses she uses to the particular needs of the participants.  The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming, and it provided a great place for me to get to know other expectant mothers.  Prenatal yoga helped me through the many physical discomforts of pregnancy.  My only regret is that I did not start yoga with Abigail earlier in my pregnancy.  If I become pregnant again, I’ll start right away. TB 

About Abigail’s Prenatal yoga experience

Abigail Boehm’s lifelong commitment to the well being of new mothers took root in her early experiences of assisting women in childbirth and in her own pregnancies, labors and home births, 40 years past. She is a certified nurse midwife who has earned professional degrees and certifications, most notably a masters in nursing from the University of Pennsylvania. Abigail has assisted in hundreds labors & births, including those of two granddaughters, in many culturally diverse settings since she was 20 years old.

At least equal to Abigail’s learning in Western science and medicine is the accumulated knowledge and wisdom from her broad, long practice of yoga. She has been both a keen listener and a calm voice in the long dialogue on human health and spirituality between Eastern and Western cultures. Her prenatal yoga trainings present the intuitive healing traditions of Eastern cultures and midwifery across cultures and time with the insights of Western empirical knowledge of pregnancy, labor, childbirth, exercise physiology and brain science.

 Abigail’s 40 years of experience in the birthing world is unique and diverse, having assisted women in childbirth from many cultures since she was 20 years old.  Her yoga practice began as an adolescent and so, she has from the beginning of her midwifery days, woven yogic practices into her support of birthing women through pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.  Twenty years ago she began systematically blending the yogic practices of asana, pranayama (breath) and naada yoga (sound) into yoga teachings for new mothers seeking preparation for unmedicated labor and delivery. In the years since her first offerings Abigail has persistently applied new knowledge and skills to her prenatal courses and teacher trainings. Her prenatal yoga classes are uplifting and practical. Students learn the benefit and techniques of “weaving themselves deeply into the relaxation response” via movement, sound and breathing practices.

In addition to being a nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, mother and grandmother, Abigail’s many years of teaching yoga from her home has contributed significantly to nurturing the yoga community in Lambertville, NJ, and its sister town, New Hope, Penna. Her teaching style is playful while remaining grounded and informative. Abigail presents prenatal yoga training for health professionals and mothers in Europe and the USA while continuing to teach small groups of mothers at her home studio.

Abigail is registered as a EYRT-200 and RPYT. Trainings qualify Students for CEU’s from Yoga Alliance and the 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, along with yoga alliance requirements will qualify students that graduate to become Prenatal Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.

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