Abigail is an accomplished yogini with a sublime artist’s sensibility. I left her workshop “On Being and Becoming” feeling nourished, and enriched with insights and tools to help me continue to nourish myself and my family. Her explanations of physiology and brain science added a unique dimension to the yoga workshop, and practical wisdom that I have found useful in my daily life and relationships. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with Abigail for years to come! – C W

Abi’s workshops and classes go to the heart of yoga. She takes a multi-dimensional approach — through alignment-based asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, spiritual and personal reflection — to the task of seeking peace and unity in life. She is gentle and challenging at the same time. Abi is an inspiration. – T J

Abigail provides the most nourishing and nurturing environment for her On Being and Becoming Series. This series is a profound combination of inner work allowing grace and movement to stimulate our core feminine qualities. This is something I’ve needed to cultivate and understand at a deeper level so it can flourish in my life and life’s work. Abigail holds each of us in such a loving way that I feel enriched with each session beyond words. Abigail’s wisdom and knowledge in yoga, health and wellness, mudras, sound healing (to name a few areas explored) is filled with the deepest integrity while honoring each and every one of us as we explore and grow at our own unique level. This is true nourishment at it’s best. –K S 

Testimonials from Private Students

…When I began practicing yoga I was debilitated by serious arthritis in my hips, knees and toes.  I was overweight and out of shape and literally could not bend over to pick up a dime.   I have now lost 35 pounds and I can move freely and with great flexibility.
…my practice now has an internal structure – a new scaffolding of understanding.   I am practicing from a ‘core’ where I have discovered tremendous strength that was previously unknown.
The content of Abi’s lessons is as simple as it is powerful and has produced a fundamental change in my approach to the practice of yoga.  I now practice every day  …I can do this because my understanding has been deepened and simplified.   Abi’s intelligent and sensitive guidance has made
my yoga practice painless and effortless. 
Abigail Boehm is a masterful teacher.  Her knowledge is multi-faceted and rooted in a thorough understanding of the physical body combined with a deep awareness of the spiritual dimensions of yoga.  I treasure each lesson with endless gratitude.   Namaste   – T D

This summer, nine months post-partum and four months into the pandemic, I found myself seeking some health and wellness related guidance. A dear and trusted friend encouraged me to reach out to Abigail Boehm, feeling she could be a resource. Four months past the point when Abigail and I initially met, I wonder where I would be had she not been available to connect. The truth is I hadn’t fully realized the extent of the impacts of either my childbirth experience or the very uncertain times we were now navigating, physically or emotionally. Thankfully, in our first meeting, Abigail recognized that there was more to sift through under the surface. She saw where I was coming from. She understood the need to start at the beginning of the story, rather than dive right into strategies for improving my pelvic floor strength—one of the things I had contacted her about.
In the weeks that followed, I experienced symptoms of anxiety that I had no prior experience with, and Abigail was able to both help me understand what was happening in my body and–with an unparalleled blend of sensitivity and clarity–why. She paced our sessions and their frequency according to what I was going through, while always asking me what I needed and preferred. And she covered bases ranging from deeply held emotional issues and working with the breath, to all aspects of understanding the pelvic floor and nutrition and meal planning.
Abigail brings so much to the work she does with others: humanity, compassion, wisdom, practicality, and very clear knowledge of both Western and Eastern approaches to health and medicine. She is truly a holistic practitioner, and her gentle, encouraging, and incredibly generous nature is something I deeply appreciate. I am so grateful to be continuing our work together and cannot recommend her highly enough. – H B

~Yoga with Abigail Is My Favorite New Year’s Resolution. I’m a local attorney who carries a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders and back.  While I had done some yoga in the past, I was always hesitant to subject myself to what I thought would be the uncomfortable spotlight of an individual yoga class.  I started doing yoga again on a vacation with my wife in the late fall.  My New Year’s resolution was to keep doing yoga, and I lucked out when Abigail was recommended to me as an instructor.
What a find!  Abigail’s classes are now a highlight of my week.  Abigail knows her stuff and has expanded my practice while keeping my individual needs well in mind.  I feel listened to and understood as my practice improves.  I leave Abigail’s studio feeling refreshed and calm.  My neck, shoulders and back have seldom been so happy.  I whole-heartedly recommend working with Aba as a fantastic gift to give to yourself or to someone you love. -D W

~Working with Abigail has definitely changed my life.  …I have never felt this healthy.  Abigail has not only taught me yoga, but she has also provided me with healing movements for my TMJ and nervous system, grief work,  guidance for life decisions, and nutritional information to help me improve my diet! – L G

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