Equanimity & Vitality: Mini Retreats


Mini Retreat Series for Women

I’m offering this mini retreat series in winter/spring of 2021 via zoom and surely someday in person again! These moments of retreat are an opportunity to boost your equanimity and vitality and deepen your personal practice. You’ll learn daily restorative, detoxification and revitalization practices. – To enhance your vital energy through Yoga practices, food, exercise, understanding hormones, and getting to know your sensual-self. For women seeking greater physical, emotional, & psycho-sensual well being.  

Retreats begin January 16, 2021 and continue on Saturdays,  bi-monthly from 10am-Noon


Themes winter/spring of 2021: 

  1. Dinacharya: Daily practices that will calm your nervous system, enhance your immunity and balance your hormones. January 16
    *Suggested to buy supplies before this workshop (not included). Supply list and distributors will be sent after registration.
  2. Sleeping like a Goddess; The why and how; Restoratives; Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) January 30
  3. Making friends with food; Ayurvedic food practices and principles… celebrating food and you! February 13
  4. The power in your breath & restorative practice.  February 20
  5. Meditation, flowing mudras and yoga  March 6
  6. Yoga for loving your breasts and belly  March 20
  7. Love your hormones and balance them! April 10
  8. Love your pelvis and “vajayjay;” release, lift, strengthen, release; Practices to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor April 24h
  9. The Goddess in you; Finding your voice; Making powerful choices. Inner reflection practices using Goddess archetypes and mudras; Develop and work with your intention. May 8th 

Holiday/early bird discount:
Bundle series of 9  is $199.
Individual workshops $30.

After January 6, 2021
Bundle of 9 workshops 250.
Individual workshops $40.-

Gift Certificates are Available
Contact: abi@yogalambertville.com

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