Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation via zoom

“Create sanctuary from the inside out”

All levels welcome! Summer 2020 we’ll be reading verses from the Radiance Sutras to open class -Morning classes  Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 7:45am-8:55am Saturday- 8:45-9:55 -Evening Class Tuesday-5-6pm Use the same link (below)

 Access  All yoga classes here

Please gather these if you have them; yoga mat, blocks, a comfy meditation cushion, and a yoga strap or long scarf. Feel free to improvise! These mixed level yoga classes are gentle and challenging, participants are expected to move at their own pace. Classes include a mixture of meditation, pranayama and asana. If you have physical limitations, please let Abigail know and/or feel free to join the beginning of class for the meditation and breathing practices. Beginners are welcome!

It’s so important at this time of necessary social distancing and financial struggle for many, to come together and to support each other any way we can. Please don’t let limited ability to pay limit your presence in class.  These classes are by donation. All are welcome!! Namaste! 

I am accepting donations via Venmo @Abigal-Boehm  My picture is next to my venmo name, spelled as “Abigal” Thank you


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