Bonding and Body Maps for Birth Partners

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Reconnect with your birth partner in this monthly yoga based childbirth education class for couples:

2nd Saturdays 1 pm – 4 pm

 Pre-registration is necessary

What we need to know about in childbirth is often relational and somatic. In other words we learn through physical experience by doing and feeling, what I call body maps. You won’t find this knowledge in a manual or by sitting through a clinical childbirth class. The knowledge needed is spoken in a kinetic language that each couple creates together. 

This Couples Childbirth Class covers the experience of labor and childbirth from an internal and relational perspective. It provides an intensive bonding and growing experience for couples and time for hands on practice of labor support. Couples leave feeling a renewed sense of connection and confident about their ability to work together during labor and childbirth.

Couples are guided into and taught how to access and maintain the relaxation response via multiple yogic pathways. The class is intimate, organic, fun, interesting and guides you into a comfortable ability to be present with your pregnancy, labor and childbirth experience. The class is small and the core content is flexible and tailored to individual learning needs.

“Every woman’s labor is unique, there is no single right way to give birth. Powerfully each woman, finds her way, through deep and supported inner listening.”

…Together couples can learn to produce a state of profound relaxation, focus and endurance. Learn how and why you can utilize and trust a combination of simple yoga movements, breath awareness, sound, visualization and touch to compliment and support the wise and powerful dynamics your body during labor and childbirth.

  • Anatomy and physiology of the birth process and the relaxation response are covered in a practical way that will make participants comfortable and knowledgeable about working together through the process of labor and childbirth
  • These classes pack in lots of information while remaining intimate.

Yoga Based childbirth classes are highly experiential and prepare couples in a way that they will welcome but may not expect.

No previous yoga experience is necessary

Prenatal yoga classes are adjunctive and recommended, but not a prerequisite. Cost $125.- per couple Private session: $225.-by appointment

25 to 36 weeks is a great time to attend  Preregistration necessary  Thank you, Abigail Boehm CNM, EYRT

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  1. Jun

    This kind of class activity is one way to experience pregnancy and birthing journey. Many devalued the bonding and importance of a birthing process. Good thing such as this blog can turn birthing to a joyful and natural experience. An article I read from Birth for Men about how significant the help, teaming up and engagement of fathers during the prenatal, natal, and post-natal. Isn’t the intimacy can make pregnancy a more blissful experience?


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